International Symposium of Robotics Research

The goal of IFRR is to promote the development of robotics as a scientific field establishing the theoretical foundations and technology basis for its ever expanding applications, with emphasis on its potential role to benefit humans. The Foundation was formally established in 1986 following the success of a series of pioneering symposia that were conceived to provide the emerging community with a forum entirely devoted to all areas of robotics research.

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Long Beach, CA, USA, 2024

Geneva, Switzerland, 2022

Hanoi, Vietnam, 2019

Puerto Varas, Chile, 2017
Sestri Levante, Italy, 2015
Singapore, 2013
Flagstaff, AZ, USA, 2011
Lucerne, Switzerland, 2009
Hiroshima, Japan, 2007
San Francisco, CA, USA, 2005
Siena, Italy, 2003
Lorne, Australia, 2001
Snowbird, UT, USA, 1999
Shonan Village, Japan, 1997

Herrsching, Germany, 1995

Hidden Valley, PA, USA, 1993

Tokyo, Japan, 1989

Santa Cruz, CA, USA, 1987

Gouvieux, France, 1985

Kyoto, Japan, 1984

Bretton Woods, NH, USA, 1983